The Seachord Productions Team:

Mike James is a teacher at NKSD's Spectrum School where he is also a counselor.

In addition to writing these songs for kids, Mike sings classic folk tunes, and an amazing collection of great stuff that was on the radio in the '50's, '60's and '70's. Mike James also sings and records "sea songs" with several groups, including Victory Sings at Sea and Curse of the Somers. This past winter he was been in the studio a lot, recording two distinctly maritime CD projects with Hank Cramer.

Val James is a teacher at NKSD where she is also a Softball Coach.
Val's dad was a vaudevillian performer who spent years as a sound-effects guy in the movie business (do you remember the voices in &qout;Talk to the Animals"?). Her mom, Margaret Lenhart, was a torch singer who sang in front of the big bands during the '40's, performed on the Camel®Show on the radio and recorded sides with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. Val picked up her dad's guitar as a kid and has been writing her own standards for years.
Mike and Val often perform as a duo in local clubs and restaurants, doing a mix of popular ballads, classic show tunes and American folk music. Last fall they recorded a "Live Demo" CD project Live at the Oracle Arts Center, showcasing their cabaret material.

Cheri Streimikes Teacher NKSD Spectrum School Computer Graphics Artist Cherie describes her work: "These works were created on the computer. There is no original painting scanned in from another media. I paint with light. The computer frees me to experiment with the image in any direction I may wish to explore. I save the picture as I go, so I can always return to it after I try different color combinations and arrangements. The digital brush is the newest of artist tools."

Rick Ruskin Producer and Fingerstyle Guitarist on the Carry Your Own Rainbow CD - you can hear his artistry on Growin' up More Everyday.  Rick Ruskin has been playing and producing since the early 70's. His discography spans over 20 releases beginning with his first album on the Takoma label. He tours the United States regularly and performs locally in Seattle often. Rick runs a full service recording studio, Lion Dog Music, where he produces and records his music and others. He's a frequent contributor to magazines such as Fingerstyle Guitar and Frets.

Joe Breskin Producer Oracle Arts Center, Webmaster Occassional Accompanying guitarist @ live shows. Joe notes: "Mike's guitar style always involves just enough freedom to keep it very exciting to follow, and his approach makes it impossible for me to presume that I know what's coming next. When we play, it is NOT the normal group Karaoke ensemble."