This album is a reflection of our love for music and our careers as educators. We have tried to blend the thinking and feeling aspects of who we all are into thoughtful, yet playful songs. Their words contain messages designed to encourage empathy, impulse control, and respect for oneself, as well as suggestions for living together peacefully in a less patheint world. They are arranged so that both beginning and experienced musicians can perform them for and with kids and adults of all ages.

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Each song conveys a core message

Carry Your Own Rainbow
. To kids, the rainbows represent hope, brightness, and peace needed to heal. In this song, they also symbolize the development of personal responsibility (Maslow's hierarchy) and reaching out to others.

Loosth Tooth:
Here is a fun song to celebrate the loss of "baby" teeth, minimize fear around this happening, and encourage taking care of new teeth.

Rhyming Song.
It's a song designed to help kids develop the skill of reading, which can lead to a raised self-esteem and other good stuff Fish food ice cream in a dish?

Sharing Song.
Social skills!!! It's so cool!

This song catches the mood of this strong emotion and validates options for choosing positive behavior.

Growing Up More Everyday
Written by Val for her grandchildren-or anyone's.

Scrubby Dubby Bath
What kid has never complained about taking a bath. The hygiene message is clear. Besides, the narrative gives me a chance to be four again.

Clearly an attempt to put cognitive learning to work in controlling habitual behavior.

Proud of Me
I took care to not to say, "...make my family proud of me." Kids, who can't do this, may begin to believe they have failed in their efforts to be a good child.

How does one learn this skill? Listen to the song!

Doing the Slow Moe
You'll sing about an activity that can help kids prevent tantrum behavior and deescalate during times of growing emotions.

Scarlet Ribbons
I did this traditional song more for parents than children. The arrangement is a little different, being done in a combination of 3/4and 4/4 time.