DOIN' THE SLOW-MOE      M.J.Phimister © 1998

(INTRO)Slow-Moe, something to be learned by every grownup and child: Slow-Moe. it's your plan to keep yourself from goin' wild.

You get up in the morning to a brand new day.
Think about the time when you have to work and play.
Something happens, you feel hurt and get so mad.
A voice deep inside says "Go ahead. Act bad!"
You don't have to hit or throw a fit,
Or say mean stuff. Not even a little bit.

(CHORUS)You can do your slow-Moe.
You can do your slow-Moe.
So, calm yourself down, take a look around.
Now, you can help a friend learn this sound.

You're sitting in your class and things are going swell. Your work is done, it's time for fun - Hey tha recess bell!!
You start to play and shout "Hooray." and then it starts.
Some kids are teasing other kids. That's not too smart.
It's time to step in and say "Let's begin with a brand new start."

(CHORUS)First you do your slow-Moe ...

After school you head for home to settle in.
Your family's there with time to share. They see you grin.
They say "Tell me about the things you did in school."
You answer back, "You bet I will. I stayed real cool.
There were some kids who were actin' mean.
What happened next I really wish you could have seen ...

(CHORUS)I showed them how to slow-moe ...

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