Carry Your Own Rainbow
© M.J. Phimister 1998

When did I first see a rainbow? Maybe just yesterday

It waited in the sky with hope you'd see it. Then it just faded away.
Did you wonder what it held inside? Let me tell you, if I may.
I know it held both peace and laughter, waiting to be given away.

I'm gonna' carry a rainbow, filled with hope and joy.
To give away to everyone I see. Every girl and boy.
I'll wake up the day with sunshine to last the whole day thru.
To everyone I meet I'll give a greeting.
I'd like to give a greeting to you.

Just a wave or just a smile, are easy ways to show I care.
I'll reach down into my rainbow and find a smile for you in there.

Rainbows are found the whole world over. I think you know they are.
If we look to find the goodness in them, we can spread it near and far-
Happy thoughts and happy feelings need your help to set them free.
Bring them out and we can have a rainbow world for you and me.
Rainbow, rainbow...
carry your own rainbow.

If you believe the words I've told you
and you practice them every day,
You can keep your rainbow filled with goodness and never give it all away.
And When you're feeling sad and lonely, I have a good idea for you.
Give yourself a smile from your own rainbow.
You deserve one too.

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