COMPLIMENTS     M.J. Phimister ©  1998

Compliments, compliments,
Oh how I love to get compliments
They're really easy to say and receive
There are things about me that I want to believe
Sometimes I put them right on my sleeve
Oh, how I love compliments.

Compliments, compliments,
Oh, how I love to give compliments.
I'll keep my eyes open to see who's been good.
Kids and grownups who do what they should.
Then I'll surprise them - you know I could.
I'll give them great compliments.
Now what can I say. Let's see,

I can say, "Thank you. Or Wow! You look great!
You do neat work, or You really can skate!"
I'll say them in the morning or at night when it's late.
I'll just give great compliments

Compliments, compliments, what we all need are more compliments
Sometimes we don't know just what to say.
But keep night on trying if it takes you all day.
From young kids to old folks whose hair is all gray,
Everyone loves compliments.
(Repeat verse 1)

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