AAANGRY SONG       ©M.J.Phimister 1998

This song catches the mood of this strong emotion and validates options for choosing positive behavior.
(Chorus) Angry ... when I feels so angry ...
When my insides get all twisted up and tangly
When my words get mean, when I hurt my friends,
when my mom and dad get all upset,
Then I feel so sad, I wonder what I'll do.
Well, first I have to think about how I feel and get myself calmed down.
'Cause actin' mean when I'm feelin' mad
Just spreads my problem around.
My teacher says to stop and count to ten, then talk my problem out.
Or I can walk away and find other things to think about.
Hey, yeah! I could trhink about ice cream, roller skates or puppy dogs.
Sing a song or draw a picture, or even write a story, and it doesn't have to be too long.
So, now I know some things to do. I hope you do them too.

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